Far out partying begins at 7:00 PM


We encourage our guests to "dress the part."  The Sixties were so eclectic, we don't even know where to start. Womenswear followed three broad trends: ladylike elegance, the fun designs inspired by the British Invasion, and the “hippie” style. Menswear had an increasing amount of color and pattern, military influence, and new fashion icons in the form of rock stars. And let's not forget the entire surfer trend. If dressing the part is not your thing, this outdoor event allows for casual wear.  


IHCRC does not issue physical or virtual tickets for the event. Registration will take place at the event.  This is even true for guests of our sponsors. We will be sending you and your guests a party box complete with map and tie dye masks prior to the event. Your mask is required for entry. (Yes we will have extras available for those last minute changes.)



An exclusive outdoor location with a fab view of downtown. Cool doesn't even begin to describe it.



We highly encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance. Our event has sold out the last three years.




We love children. In fact, this event supports our youth programs. However, this year we will be unable to accommodate anyone under the age of 21.



There is NO smoking allowed in the event area. However, you will be able to leave your drink and step outside the immediate event area to smoke.