Combat Robot

in the know droid


EVENT: 7:15 PM


We encourage our guests to "dress the part."  There is so much choice when it comes to Science Fiction. From steampunk to Star Trek and everything in between, you can determine just how far out you want to be or how far you want to go. We leave the interpretation totally in your hands. Just remember: Be legal - you must!


IHCRC does not issue physical or virtual tickets for the event. Registration will take place at the event.  This is even true for guests of our sponsors.




A new location and a new theme?  Of course. This year we'll be at River Spirit Casino Resort. A block of rooms has been reserved for our friends from another world or those needing a stayca. Click here for reservation information.



We highly encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance. Our event has sold out the last four years. Therefore, we rarely have tickets available the evening of the event.




We love children. In fact, this event supports our youth programs. However, this year we will be unable to accommodate anyone under the age of 21.



There is NO smoking allowed in the event area. In fact, at River Spirit you don't walk through a smoking area to get to the ballroom. You will be able to leave your drink and go downstairs to a smoking area if you must smoke.